Taxi driving tips for a happy day

Avoiding Tickets:

  • Taxi driver needs to understand that it is not his job to run the clock, race the cars, go against the red light, or reckless driving. But instead, his job is to get the passenger safely to his destination.
  • Control your job as a driver: Don’t let the passenger drive from the back seat. It is unlawful for a passenger to ask the driver to go above the speed limit, break the red light, or make unlawful turns.
  • Plan your trip ahead: don’t wait until you stack and you have to make an illegal turn.
  • Adjust your clock: When time is specified for bus lane or no turns, Police are usually waiting to the last minute. A 3 or 4 minutes discrepancy in your clock might get you a ticket.
  • Be a safe driver: We have seen two types of drivers. Drivers who get tickets and drivers who don’t. It is recommended to make safety a top priority for any taxi driver.
  • Don’t argue with the police for something you know it is wrong. Be responsible, been nice with a police officer might help dismiss your ticket.

Lower your expenses:

  • Car Lease: This will take the big portion of your revenue, you might find a good deal with a private car if you are a safe driver
  • Make your time lease valuable: working 5 days a week can be sometimes better than 6 or 7 days. It is important to combine all factors that can affect your daily work: are you resting enough? Do you feel tired doing your job? Do you sleep very well? Do you eat very well? Do you have time to exercise? Are you enjoying your life?
  • Car fuel: Having a Hybrid car can significantly reduce your bill, it is very important to look for a less consuming fuel car.

Tips to increase your daily tip:

It is important to make the passenger trip enjoyable, this can be done only by been a professional in the job. These are some of the tips you can deploy to create a good environment:

  • Have enough time to learn your geography, highways, landmarks... Using new technologies can add up a lot of help.
  • Have a clean Taxi
  • Look well, dress well, smell well.
  • Greet your passenger, and have a smile in your face.
  • Drive nicely.
  • Help the passenger when help is needed: Handicapped person, person with luggage or stroller.
  • Have a good radio station: In New York City I will recommend WNYC (93.9 FM) station.

Fighting Stress:

Driving a taxi is a very challenging job, as it is demanding a great deal of patient. The main challenges of a taxi driver are:

  • Slow traffic can cause a driver to be in a high tension as driver loses money when spending long time for a less mileage and therefore less revenue.
  • Unskilled drivers going slow, or doing stop and go with no reason.
  • A car with mechanical problem.
  • A customer giving hard time and not willing to be cooperative and patient.

Here are some hints to overcome your hard day working:

  • As you pass the most of your day setting in a chair, exercising regularly especially walking and swimming can significantly help you reduce stress.
  • Drink well eat well
  • Organize your time
  • Be patient and don’t violate the law which only will cause you more trouble.
  • Consider a ticket is a part of the cost of doing business.

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